About Us

From challenging trivia to hilarious personality tests, Quizdos is the one-of-a-kind platform that covers all of your quizzing needs. Founded in 2020 by a group of like-minded quiz enthusiasts, our aim is to use the power of the humble quiz to entertain and bring people together.

Quizdos was set up with that in mind. We weren't satisfied with just creating a quiz site that was full of the fascinating and thought-provoking trivia that we loved; we wanted to make one without the clutter and the gimmicks of other modern quiz sites. That means simple, fun, and high-quality quizzes that anyone can enjoy.

Fast forward to now, and Quizdos has grown into the home of great quizzing content. From geography to movies, history to personality tests, Quizdos now boasts something for everyone. We understand that not everyone is an experienced quizzer, so our quizzes cater to all difficulty levels from beginners to trivia masters.

Our huge library of quizzes is growing all the time. The website is regularly updated with brand new content from our small team of talented writers. Watch this space, as Quizdos' journey to become the best and biggest quiz platform on the internet is only just beginning.